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Hair Goals

I believe we are all guilty of setting goals for ourselves and not putting together a plan on how to get there.

Are your hair goals a priority?

Are your goals realistic for your hair type, texture, and lifestyle?

What plans have you put in motion?

Your moisture level is the secret weapon. It helps grow, maintain, and retain the length and the density of your hair.

If your are working out and sweating in your head I highly recommend shampooing more often because the sweat will dry your hair and your scalp. If you are wearing braids use a hair oil on your scalp and your braids. I have my own oil that promotes growth, moisture, and healing available for purchase on my website. You can also add oil to a spray bottle and mist your braids as well. If you are wearing a sew in you also need to make sure that the leave out hair and your hair and scalp underneath weave is properly cleanse and conditioned. In most cases I do not recommend conditioner on weave but you can spray a light leave in on your braids in order to get your hair moisturized. If you are going swimming coat your hair with a conditioner or oil before entering the pool it keeps the chlorine from penetrating your hair so fast. Oh yeah you can steam at home. How??

Shower without a shower cap when your are rocking your natural hair it will 1. reset the products in your hair and 2. If your shampooing in the shower you can condition and steam your hair while you bathe.

We are a team don't make me do all the work. You get better results when you also workout without the trainer. Amen.

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