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My Approach

Step One:​ Consultation

Here is where I get to know you and you get to know me. We discuss your short and long term hair goals.  I will ask questions about your lifestyle (ex. do you workout, does your work environment require a certain look), maintenance budget, product use, night time care, and medication/vitamins.

Step Two: Cleanse and Condition 

I don't know one woman who doesn't enjoy a good shampoo. Products are used for your particular needs (ex.itchy scalp, shedding, product build up, and moisture retention.

Step Three: Where the Money Resides 

This is when we turn heads cause we did the work. My styling chair is my favorite part of the experience to watch the transformation that the hair takes on and the clients response to it.

Step Four: REBOOK before you leave the salon. You got goals sis don't take residence on the waitlist. 

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